Eyebrow Razors!

No more peach fuzzies!

You know the fuzzy pesky soft hairs that grow under your eyebrow? And sometimes also over them? Yeah. I have noticed a definite increase in this hair growth since I got a bit older. Which means I need to remove the hair more often. I have been using eyebrow razors for a couple of years so they are a staple in my beauty routine. I find getting my brows done professionally is expensive in the long run, at least here in Sweden, so this is how I do it! And this works really well for me!


These can be found on eBay for just a few dollars, and these three will last me a good number of months.

I use them to remove the fuzz between the lid and the brow. I also remove stray fuzz over the brow and clean up “after the tail” of the brow. A tip: put some coconut oil on the skin prior to using the razors! This will make the shaving much easier and more gentle for the sensitive skin!

How do you trim your brows? Let me know!


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