Faith in Nature Jojoba Shampoo! It is awesome!

I’m not going to lie, I had very low hopes for this shampoo. I bought it because the brand intrigued me. Due to it’s low price tag – £5.35 for 400 ml – I was expecting it to be just ok. An everyday shampoo that performed decently enough to use, but not more than that.


I fell in love with it when I used it for the first time. It lathers up very nicely and rinses out easily. The hair gets “squeaky clean” but without it feeling completely stripped and frizzy. After drying, my hair feels smooth and is looking healthy and shiny. This shampoo completely outperforms some of my other, more expensive and less natural, shampoos!

Noteworthy points about the shampoo:

  • 100 % natural fragrance
  • paraben free
  • SLS free
  • cruelty free
  • vegan


I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and I still feel the same way as I did the first time I used it. They have several different kinds of shampoos. I got the jojoba one which is enriched with Pro-vitamin B5 and is geared towards normal to dry hair, but they have a plethora of different kinds of shampoos to choose from!

Check out their range here: https://www.faithinnature.co.uk/shampoo

I will be repurchasing the jojoba shampoo for sure, but I also want to try some of their other kinds.

I also bought a chocolate (!) body wash, but that’s another review… let’s just say: oh my gosh! ;)

Have you tried anything from Faith in Nature? Let me know in the comments!



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