Fyrinnae swatches!

I have got some gorgeous swatches for you today. My recent haul from Fyrinnae got here this last week and I have really enjoyed playing around with these pigments.

I chose five fairly neutral shadows (well.. at least in the neutral range in my opinion) and here are the swatches! The “group swatch” is swatched dry but on foundation. All the single swatches are swatched dry without primer or foundation on the skin.

First out is Purgatory. A stunning metallic red in a black base. This can be used alone or as a topper.


Next out is The Perfect Taupe. No, that’s not the proper name.. but that is what it is. A perfect taupe.

The name of it is Knickers In A Twist!


Then we have the most stunning blackened gold: Shenanigans. Shenanigans has also tiny multicolored sparkles throughout it. So gorgeous..


If you are looking for a true pale satin rose beige.. look no further. Kurisumasu! will have you covered!


Last out today is Rapunzel Had Extensions. This one is a bit more complex and unique than the others. It is a warm peachy pink with a pale gold shimmer. If you have seen a duochrome nail polish you’ll know what I mean when I say it shifts depending on light.


I paied $6.25 each for these and there are about 3 grams of product each.
If you want to see these more “live” I did upload a swatch video showing you these!
Check it out here:


Hope you enjoyed!


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