Maria Åkerberg Papaya Peeling

I have used exfoliators for years, both physical exfoliators and acid ones (AHA and BHA).

Exfoliating is very important, especially for maturing skin. It will help the skin look it’s best.

This tube from Maria Åkerberg has been sitting in my stash several months. I don’t even quite remember where I got it, it might have come in a beauty subscription box. I honestly don’t remember. I do know I did not buy it and I did not receive it as PR.


Anyway, the reason why I have not used it until now is that I simply thought it was “just another peel with tiny scratch beads”. I had not even bothered to read the instructions on the tube, I simple stashed it away.

A few days ago I finally decided to give it a go. The instructions tells you to apply it on dry clean skin and gently massage it in for two minutes. Then you are going to ad a little water and keep massaging the product, it now turns into a cream! Keep working with it until the beads have dissolved. Now rinse if off with water.


The Papaya Peeling is an enzyme peel with physical particles. It smells of papaya and although it does also contain lavender I can not (I do NOT like lavender) feel that. I felt the particles working and removing dead dull skin. Then, when adding water the magic happened. The product did turn into a cream and I felt the beads disappearing right under my fingers. After rinsing it off my skin felt and looked extremely smooth, plump and radiant.

I am glad I decided to give this peel a go, I will keep using it once or twice a week. It is quite possible that I will replenish it once I’ve used this one up.

What is your favourite method of exfoliating/peeling? Do you have a favourite product? Do tell!


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  1. Papaya Pelling helps to prevent the formation of blackheads. It?s effective, yet gentle and may be used on very sensitive skin. Papaya peeling contains extract from the papaya fruit, which gently exfoliates dead skin cells.

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