Morphe 35OS Palette Swatches!

I have been putting off this swatch post for a while now and I am ashamed of it! But.. here it finally is!

Let me present: The Morphe 35OS Palette!

35 shimmery eyeshadows! The shimmer strength varies, some are more satin while others are almost metallic! I love this palette so much, the shadows are buttery smooth to work with and blends very easily!

I have had my palette for a bit more than a month now and it is the palette I use the most at the moment. It also comes in an all matte version and I will most likely order that one too!

For reference: my skin is “NW15” in “MAC colouring” if that helps you. Otherwise you can just say that I’m pale. :)

The palette:


Row 1:


Row 2:


Row 3:


Row 4:


Row 5:


Hope you enjoyed my swatches!

You can order the palette from the Morphe website and is a mere $ 22.99.

https://www.morphebrushes.com/ (no affiliate link)


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