To run or Not to run – my C25K journey

When I was a kid I used to draw and play with legos. And.. well that was pretty much it. Sports? Nope..

I did however try to start running a couple of years ago but that attempt got a full stop (literally) when I managed to get a car on my foot. I never got very far in my running journey back then, I literally had just been out a handfull of times.

The C25K program recently caught my attention and I decided to go all in and “just to it”. My foot had been fine for a good while and I felt like starting again where I left of before my injury, but with guidance this time.

So, after following the C25K app for roughly two months (I did repeat two weeks early on in the program) now I have gone from BARELY managing to run for one minute, to actually running for 25 minutes straight! This is mindboggling. I am the definition of a couch potato! Or was!

The goal of the C25K app is to be able to run for either 30 minutes straight, or 5 kilometers. So, after doing 25 minutes I can feel how close I am to my first goal! I have just finished week 6 in the program and next up is week 7!

Actual results I can see after two months: improved balance and posture, improved mood, better sleep.

My tip for anyone starting out is to keep at it and to make sure to rest between running-days (not doing two days in a row for example). Also, don’t be afraid to repeat a week if you feel like you’re not ready to move on to the next level. I would also invest in good shoes, preferably fitted for your personal needs by a store that specialises in running. Using shoes that are not suitable for your running style may cause injuries.

Happy running!

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