Summer Essentials!

The Heatwave is upon us and I have been thinking about my beauty routine when the weather is scorching. Needless to say, it does not conform with my “normal” routine. Nope! I have a special “heatwave beauty routine”!

This is not something I have put a lot of science in, it’s rather something that has developed with time and experience. I know which products will work for me when it’s this hot. I have compiled a list of heatwave products and it is made from “blood sweat and tears”.. or rather trial and error! :)

All of the items I’m listing below are long lasting for me. I do have dry skin (and dehydrated) but it is absolutely less dry in the summer. And I do sweat, even in the face. Especially when the heat is at it’s peak, or when I’m hurrying home from work. :)


The number one tip is quite obvious, but it is very easy to forget! It is: drink plenty of water! Exchange your lunch latte for a large ice water! Coffee is dehydrating and tea also to some extent. One loses more water than one thinks when it’s really hot. Drink water. Drink water. Drink water. ;) Your head, body and skin will thank you!


Sunglasses! Definitely sunglasses. Don’t skip them! It can help keep that headache at bay. I get headaches very easily when the sun is scorching! A sun hat might also be something to consider!


Do not forget to use a sunblock! Use a high number SPF, especially in your face. SPF 20 won’t cut it in my opinion, you need to go higher. My love product at the moment is the Holika Holika Luminous Silk BB Cream SPF 42 (full spectrum).

It is absolutely FANTASTIC for mature skin and it works very well in the hot summer climate! Long lasting, good coverage, feels amazing on the skin! I bought mine last summer so the tube is looking quite beat up.. sorry about that!


When it comes to the rest of the makeup I really think the best approach is to keep it simple. At least for daytime. I personally just use (apart from the BB Cream above) eyelid primer, eyeshadow, mascara, sometimes a smudge of liner.

The eyelid primer is a must in the heat! The one that works best for me during the summer time is the Urban Decay Primer Potion in the colour Eden (it has a matte finish). The 3D eyeshadow duos from essence are surprisingly long lasting! Especially over the primer potion! I have the colour Irresistible Chocolates. I just swipe a mix of the light and the dark shade all over my lids, up to the crease, and blend out. Sometimes I smudge a bit of liner along the lower lash line just to add some definition there. My fave is the Long Lasting Eye Pencils from Milani. The shade I use the most is Hot Scorch (fitting name.. hehe)! Then you will need a mascara, just use any mascara that you love. Waterproof is an option, definitely. I currently use IsaDora Flashing Volume Instant Effect Mascara (not waterproof).

I most of the times skip the cheeks to be honest. I might use a blusher but most of the time I don’t.

For lips I just go for a lip balm normally.


This routine works great for me, it is work environment safe and it is rather fast to apply. It lasts me the whole work day and I look enough put together to venture out on an AW or something like that. :)

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Urban Decay, IsaDora, Milani, essence.

Do you have any summer essentials? Please share!


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