The Most Gorgeous Colour in the World!

First of all: this is not a review. This is a drool/rave post of a colour. An eyeshadow.

The most beautiful thing ever made, in my humble opinion.

I do things like this sometimes.. buy eyeshadows simply because the shade is stunning, not thinking on how in the world I’m supposed to wear it. This colour is one of those that I personally doubt I will ever wear on my eyelids. Well, maybe as an accent or a pop on the middle of the lid. But it’s nothing I personally could wear “all in”.

Let me explain why with a swatch:

This is Rapunzel Had Extensions by Fyrinnae. Described as a pale pink with a light gold highlight. It shifts and glows in the light. It has duochrome properties. And it’s just stunning. According to Fyrinnae it is their all-time top selling shade, and it’s no wonder! I have never seen anything like this before!

What are your thoughts on buying makeup you probably will never wear? Are you guilty of this too?  Let me know! :)


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  1. Vackert med is, blÃ¥ himmel och gammal byggnad, dessutom en snygg vinkel!Här har det varit ganska varmt, vi hade ju massor med snö sÃ¥ nu är det svÃ¥rt att promenera för överallt är det vatten till anklarna …Trevlig fredagkväll!

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