Too Faced Chocolate Bar – Photos, Swatches!

I have wanted this palette pretty much as soon as it came out. I am talking about the original Chocolate Bar palette by Too Faced.

Yesterday I went to Sephora and did some damage.. one of the things I picked up was the palette! I can’t explain how thrilled I am! I know I’m late on the bandwagon here but it’s not a cheap palette, and I have been debating if I really need more neutral eyeshadows.. OF COURSE I DO!! :) I opted for the original palette because from what I have seen on photos I am suspecting I’m going to get more use out of this one, rather than out of their newer one called Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar.

It surpassed all my expectations. If you are a neutral lover then you NEED this! Buttery soft pigmented easily blendable shadows. I think it has a nice mix of matte and shimmery shades!

I think they might have updated the packaging slightly. I seem to remember that the original palette did not have the shadow names written on it? Well this one does!

I decided to just swatch all shades on my arm, rather than individual shades. This was you get an idea of the palette as a whole. The only swatch I was unhappy with is the highlight shade that is located on the bottom row to the right. It is a pearlescent highlight shade and the photo does not capture that correctly.


And now some more photos of the palette in it’s gorgeousness!

OH by the way, did I tell you that the palette smells like chocolate? It really does! It’s amazing! :D





Click on any of the photos to see an enlarged version!

I will post a collective haul on my Youtube channel so you can see what else I got!

Do you have this palette? Tell me!





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